Our biggest brand, 1Dental.com, has received an endorsement from Dave Ramsey, America’s top personal finance expert.

As many of his followers know, Dave is NOT a big fan of dental insurance. Our founder and CEO, Randy Meinen, isn’t either. When he started out in the insurance industry, he quickly realized dental insurance wasn’t a good deal for individuals and families.

But dental work is expensive! Dave and Randy both acknowledge that often all it takes is ONE emergency visit to blow your budget—whether you have insurance or not. This is a problem.

See what Dave himself says about 1Dental vs. traditional insurance:

How 1Dental.com Helps Americans Avoid Dental Debt

That’s why dental discount plans were created. They’re NOT insurance. Think of dental discount plans more like a Costco membership. You pay a low annual rate and usually end up cutting your family’s dental bills in half!

What we love about dental discount plans is that they’re so simple, affordable and easy to use. In fact, we give them to all of our employees for free.

Just like Dave Ramsey has helped millions of people get out of debt, 1Dental.com has helped thousands of people afford dental work they could otherwise never have received. We are proud of building this brand from the ground up and can’t wait to see how it grows in the future.

The fantastic people in our contact center receive calls daily from people who have been blindsided by $12,000 quotes for their dental work. These customers are floored when 1Dental plans are able to cut their bills in half. They can’t believe it! Even the best dental insurance in the world would never be able to accomplish those kinds of savings because the highest maximums stop around $3,000 – and those plans are so expensive, you almost never see a return on those premiums.

The 1Dental brand lines up perfectly with Dave Ramsey’s goal of simplifying financial management and helping people get out of debt.

If you know anything about Qualbe, you know that we like to say we’re builders. We build up businesses and people.

We’re proud of the 1Dental brand and thankful that it’s helped thousands of people. We’re grateful to receive the endorsement of someone we respect as much as Dave Ramsey. And we look forward to a future of continuing to build great businesses that change people’s lives for the better.