At Qualbe, we love any excuse to combine decorations, costumes, family, food and fun competition!

This Halloween, we had individual and group costume competitions and invited employees to bring their kiddos to the office during lunchtime for some trick-or-treating around the building.

Qualbe Marketing Group Halloween 2017

For a day, all over the office roamed superheroes, villains, beloved movie characters, adorable animals, United States presidents and ’80s rockers. Each department had some fun ideas!

We’ve included some of the highlights for you below.

Best Overall Group + Most Creative Group Costume: DC Comics Funko Pop Dolls

DC Comics Funko Pop Halloween Costumes

From left to right: Bane, Poison Ivy, Riddler, Joker, Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Arrow, Batgirl (who did not particularly enjoy having a box on her head)

Our digital marketing services team used cardboard boxes, laundry baskets, markers, felt and paint to create their Funko Pop heads. Multiple people around the office like to collect these dolls and keep them on their desks. On Halloween, they all “came to life” for a day!

Best Overall Individual + Most Creative Individual Costume: Logan

Logan Halloween Costume

An exclusive interview with Logan revealed that he had tried to put on his costume early in the morning before his son got up so his little boy wouldn’t be scared – but of course his son got up earlier than anticipated, walked into the bathroom and said, “Whoa, you look AWESOME, Daddy!”

Runner-Up for Most Creative Group: Exhausted Parents

Exhausted Parents Halloween Costumes

We love our Qualbabies. We’ve had a lot of them this year and have more on the way! Here are some of our Qualparents, dressing how they feel.

Runner-Up for Best Overall Group: Han Solo & Princess Leia

Star Wars Halloween Costumes: Princess Leia and Han Solo

You really can’t go wrong with this costume. While it didn’t win first place this Halloween, it was still a big hit around the office.

‘80s Theme

80s Theme Halloween Costume

Left to right: Lydia Deefs, Punky Brewster, Marty McFly, Space Invaders, Ferris Bueller, ‘80s Hockey Player, and “They said it was an 80s theme but I think I misunderstood…”

Fun Families

Incredibles Family Halloween Costume
Farmer Halloween CostumeNinja Turtles Family Halloween Costumes
Wonder Woman Halloween Costume and Toddler Batgirl CostumeCharlotte's Web Halloween Costume

Kids Activities

Halloween Pinata ActivityToddler Hitting Pinata: Qualbe Halloween 2017

We had candy waiting for the kids in the offices and welcomed them as they trick-or-treated around the building. Then they got to smash a piñata in the warehouse! President Trump even visited to help out.

Which costume is your favorite? Share in the comments!