“You can’t work at Qualbe and not be changed.”
– Dallas S., Inbound Sales Representative

Since 1997, we’ve been building a fantastic place to work. In this post, we want to look back at Qualbe’s progress over the years and honor some of the people who have worked hard to make it happen.

A Quick Qualbe Timeline

Our growth really accelerated when we moved to our Park Plaza office in 2011. We had a great sales and customer service crew for our leading brand, 1Dental.com:

Back then, we were able to fit our annual Qualbe Christmas party inside the contact center. We can’t imagine doing that now!

And we still have the ping pong table that we used to use in our ping pong and volley pong tournaments:

But then, in 2012, trouble came for our little office. A dark day in which there was no coffee to be found…

But then we went to the grocery store and saved all of Qualbania from certain doom:

In 2014, we started ramping up our SEO and content strategy and seeing incredible online growth in our top brand. We also started up the Talent Insights business unit, so there was a lot to celebrate!

Then, in 2016 we outgrew that office and got our own beautiful building off of Airport Freeway:

We are thankful to make the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing private companies for the second year running after posting tremendous growth the last few years. As we expanded, we wanted to make sure we never sacrificed our culture for the sake of business growth. Growing means nothing if we do not continue to serve our employees and customers well.

The fact that we still earned multiple Best Place to Work awards the last 3 years shows that we are continuing to value people even as we increase in value as a company.

From the Inc. 5000:

“There’s fast growth–and then there’s Inc. 5000 fast growth. Collectively, the companies on this year’s list amassed $206.2 billion in revenue in 2017, up 158 percent from $79.8 billion in 2014.”

Inc. 5000 by the Numbers:

  • 421 companies from the state of Texas
  • 181 in the Dallas metro area
  • 50 in Dallas
  • 10 in Fort Worth

We’re not shy about showcasing that we’re a fun, friendly place to work. And really, we believe you get more done that way — as a family, without internal rivalries, drama or politics.

We hope that as we continue to grow, we maintain a culture in which people are valued, respected, feel safe and have lots of fun building great things together.

If you have ever “built with us” in any way — whether as an employee, a partner, an investor or simply a friend or family member cheering us on — thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

In our own small way, person by person, we’re changing the way the American workplace is run and building healthy environments in which people can thrive and find their purpose.

View the full Inc. 5000 list here.

Other Awards:

Interested in building up people and businesses with us? Check out our Careers page.